Alexithemic Sleepwalkers Has Moved~!


After a week of silence, I can proudly say that my little anime corner known as Alixithymianized has gotten it’s own domain! What does that mean? Well, for one, the URL is not Alixithymianized anymore as no one knows what it actually means, and instead I’ve switched for the more generic name Anime Nichijou, which is pretty cool in it’s own right.

Furthermore, I will not be posting on this blog anymore, and even though the posts, comments and design is exactly the same, I’ve lost all my followers. I ask you to re-subscribe on, where I’ll be posting alot more than I ever did on this name. Thank you for sticking with me through my blogging adventure, and I hope to see you again!

Weekly Comments #5 & #6: God Damn Chinese Cartoons.


Being the (i)responsible highschool student I am, I’ve appropiatly neglected my blogging and animu-watching duties to make time for all nighters feautering homeboy Napoleon, Spanish same-sex marriage laws and a whole lotta mathemathic concepts I don’t understand. Oh man, did I miss my ecchi aliens and lesbian assasins.

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Manga Sunday Recommendations: It’s All About The BL.

58Somewhere along the lines of the past months, the transition of Saturday-to-Sunday have become the time where I find some peace, quite and time to read manga, mostly corny highschool yaoi or equally corny shoujo doki-doki romances that generally go nowhere.

Yesterday\Today I’ve read Non Tea Room, written and drawn by the amazing SHOOWA, creator of Bokura no Mitsudomoe Sensou.

If you’ve read or seen my all time favourite anime\manga NANA, I’d best describe this as Nana with gays. Yeah.

The story revolves around two bands, and the relationship between two of their members and all the complications that come with it. The second part features the single best threesome scene I have read.

the first thing you’ll notice is the artstyle that may put you off, but with each passing page you realize that the simplistic doujin-like nature is just appropiate for a down to earth story like this.

Non Tea Room is a beautiful work that doesn’t feel too heavy or too ridiculous, it’s oozing of cool and it inspires many things, I firmly belive that this is one of the better manga I’ve read recently.

cover Going from a rock n’ roll down to earth love story, I’ll move on to Kono Ore Ga Omae Nanka Suki Na Wakenai, or There’s No Way I’m In Love With You!, which is the complete opposite of everything Non Tea Room is.

It’s loud, in your face and ridiculously cute. Created by another favourite of mine, Ogawa Chise, known for Gosan no Heart, and honestly, it’s everything you’d expect it to be.

If you share my undying love for cheesy yaoi highschool smutty-but-cute manga, naturally, you will love, adore and want more of this.

A very long time ago, pretty boy Taisei grew close to Okachi Machi for attention, just to find out Okachi didn’t consider him to be a friend at all! years later these two reunite in highschool, but Taisei is the only one who remembers.

This and alot of fluff makes Nanka Suki Na Wakanai one of the best yaoi of it’s kind, and I suggest you give it a try, but not as much as Non Tea Room, which should be read by any person who considers him\herself a fan of the genre.

What I’ve Dropped, Spring 2014: Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou, Kiniro No Corda & Sidonia No Kishi.



Visual representation of me after these shows.

I’m sorry, Brains Base, but a fancy light filter and the Sakurasou gone wrong plotline just doesn’t cut the chase. Kawaisou is boring, the humor is completely off, the romance is on the highway to nowhere, the characters are mighty unlikeable and the retrospect of having to sit through 24 episodes of this bullshit is a little too much even for me.

If you think re-using the same light filter for every episode counts as good animation or you’re still not over the dunce-main character, masochist-boy, deredere bookworm and lesbians-but-not-really archytypes then you might appreciate this more than I ever will. Not that that’s a difficult task.

To get a little wordier, Sidonia No Kishi left me completely uninspired, though I won’t say that it’s bad. I fail to see the ‘Attack On Titan in space‘ part but that might be because I dropped this show around episode 2, why? The animation I just can’t get over, the dipshit main character, why do they look exactly alike? and the overall idea that just doesn’t appeal to me. Granted, it’s probably alot better than the other two shows on this post.

Speaking of which, the second reverse-harem candidate does exactly everything it shouldn’t. Y’see, you have Kamigami No Asobi-level drama that makes you laugh, giggle, gasp and smile all the way through, but you also have Kiniro No Corda-esque drama which represents everything wrong with reverse-harems. It’s all about that excecution, man.

While we’re at it, why does the animation and colours look like something that came straight out of 2002 before rolling about in a trash can? I get that it’s basically an advertisement for the games, but c’mon, put a little love in it.

For the rest, I’m keeping up with the embarrassment that is Black Bullet for the sake of completion, Captain Earth for the opening and while I was close to dropping Akuma No Riddle, the last three episodes proved me wrong. Cheers.

Top 7 Spring 2014 Anime Openings & Endings.


For some reason, it feels like, the better the season, the worse the openings and endings. Naturally, this season started out good , but is slowly and steadily making it’s way straight into the trash can with exceptions that are unfortunately  few and far between. The openings and endings, on the other hand, have started to grow on me and are in some cases (See:Captain Earth) my sole purpose for watching the show, anyway.

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Anime Spring Season 2014 “Best Boy Awards.”


Inbetween the dozens over dozens of boob-centric shows that have come out in the Spring season, finding a male (let alone multiple of them) that doesn’t boil down to them being the only penis in a group full of haremettes or tsunderes in distress has been a challenging experience. Somehow though, I’ve done it. Cheers:

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Life Updates No-One Asked About: So I’m Back From The Dead… Maybe.


June is slowly but steadily approaching, and while this month might not be especially special for non-anime fans and highschoolers alike, June means two things for me: One is the second season of Free! falling upon us, and the other, less-fun thing are finals. That’s right, God damn finals.

I know I’m not the first blogger to go on a “hiatus” because of these obligatory-government tests, and while it might have been painfully obvious from the lack of content, I felt a little bad about not posting for so long.

The hunch is that I’m failing Maths in a very depressing fashion, and I’m graduating this year so it’s do or die basically. And while I JUST got out of an insane week of memorizing, sub-par grading, and a pseudo-rock concert (which was glorious by the way) I still have two maths exams ahead of me, and they’re the only obstacle in the way. That and more exams of other subjects, but screw ‘em.

What I’m getting at is that I am amazingly behind on everything, especially Akuma no Riddle, Black Bullet, Kawaisou and Isshuukan. Still, I have alot of unfinished drafts but for now I just don’t have the energy to write. Cheers, and goodluck to everyone else that’s suffering over finals or life in general. Sigh.

Why Doraemon Coming To America Is A Big Deal.


Somewhere inbetween the news of animators commiting suicide and their respective companies not caring, a certain piece of news has confirmed that Doraemon will be airing on Disney X D, all with it’s (in)appropiate censoring and English-fied name changes.

What is Doraemon? Well, it was adapted from the manga by the same name somewhere in 1973, but was unsuccesful, being both a poor adaptation of the source material and briging in little to no views, thus getting canceled, there is no footage but still images and some audio can be found due to the originals getting burnt. 5 years later Shin-Ei animation re-adapted it, quickly becoming one of if not the biggest childhood franchise of Japan and many other Asian and European contries. Doraemon 1979 counts 1787 episodes and the 2005 sequel is still on-going.

In Spain, Doraemon is just as big if not bigger than Pokemon, literally everyone knows it and they are still airing 1979 re-runs and the occasional movie. Hell, everytime I park my sister infront of Boing (Spain’s equivalent of Cartoon Network) I get either TMNT or Doraemon.

What I’m saying is that, Doraemon is a really big franchise, bigger than Pokemon, bigger than Once Piece, bigger than Sailor Moon…everywhere but America.

And now in 2014 Doraemon may conquer that aswell. It does something right, apparently, presenting likeable characters and an out 0f this world fantastic plotline all with it’s appropiate effed up fan conclusions.

Apart from that, Doraemon is the 2020′s olympic mascot, which may or may not have been some sort of influece on this random out-of-nowhere decision. So this is a pretty big deal, as 20 years from now people all over the world will be marking Doraemon next to Cardcaptor Sakura in their childhood cartoons list.

Anime Spring Season 2014 “Best Girl Awards.”


As is a rule for all of anime, 80% of the new 2D faces whe see every season are female: To put things into perspective 9 of the 17 shows I’m watching  have a female-centric cast, and 21 of shows I’m not watching. On the other hand, 5 out of 17 shows have a balanced-ish cast and 2 male-centric shows, plus one more that I’m not watching.

To summarize, after looking through a pile of tsundere, dandere and all other kinds of dere, I’ve compiled a list for the best girls of the season, cheers.

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