Hipster Recommendations Week 10: Harmonie.


Naturally, I’m a few many weeks off and this should be Week 25 probably. Whatever.

So the Mirai Animator Project (2014) is a thing again, and this years strongest contender is the 25 minute “movie” that I’m going to be talking about: Harmonie, effectively done by Studio Rikka.

So have you ever wondered about the lives, dreams and troubles of the people around you? What do they do, who are they to other people and what do they feel? If so Harmonie might be the thing you need.

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A Few Reasons Of Why Mekaku City Actors Could Become The Best Thing Ever.


In case you haven’t noticed, my expectations are sky-high for this show.

So as episode 1 happened a few days ago, I couldn’t stand the idea of waiting another two weeks to be able to talk about this show, instead I have decided to share my unrealistic expectations with you guys, so we can all be dissapointed together. Here goes:

1. It’s not a harem: Pretty straightforward, Mekaku has many interesting relationships and thankfully it has a balanced cast that’s not boiled down to stupid and bland MC, tsundere, dandere, childhood friend and cyborg.

2: The characters: If the show follows the songs and  manga, I can guarantee that the characters are basically jesus, especially Kano, oh man, that boy can get it.

3: The story: It’s fuckin’ weird and I love it.

4: The characters: The characters are still amazing.

5: It’s SHAFT: There is no studio more appropiate to adapt a crazy franchise like this, episode 1 suits as proof of this as it has effectively dick-slapped the entire fanbase with it’s SHAFT-ness.

6: Kano: It’s Kano.

Peeking In On Studio SHAFT: Headtilts, Eyes & A Alot Text.


If there’s one thing I love about anime, it’s the wacky, weird, trippy and stylized animation that comes with it. Of course, some studios know how to do this better than others, but there is no doubt that studio SHAFT and Akiyuki Shinbo are the most known for this feat.

Like it or not, every series to come out of them for the past 5 years have been oozing style and weird. Today I take a look at their beginnings aswell as my personal favourites.

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Let’s Talk Art: Spring 2014 Part 2.


If Sword Art Online fucked a rainbow, I’m sure that No Game No Life would be it’s consequence. This, the latest CGI-or-die science fiction TV anime Sidonia No Kishi, so-cute-please-burn-it-with-fire Soul Eater NOT! and the stunner that is Mekaku City Actors reminds me just why I love animation. Oh boy, here we go.

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Anime Should Never Ever Go Full CGI, Right?


The day anime goes full CG is the day anime will be dead to me, or atleast this is the funky idea I had in my head for a few years now.

The crazy increase of CGI used not only in anime, but in cartoons and art aswell for the past 5-10 years is an interesting subject to talk about: We complain about the awkward movements and unnatural-ness of the whole, but little do we know that pretty much 80% of every modern anime ever is handled with exactly that, CGI.

Backgrounds, items, some movements even: Things that have become so common we barely notice it, and when others point it out we shriek and realize: holy shit, she’s right.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012) Is Either The Best Thing Ever…Or The Worst.


Please note that this opinion\speculation is entirely based on the very first episode of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure (2012), so it shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

It’s been exactly two minutes since I’ve finished the first episode of this supposedly ‘colourful, camp and manly‘ anime: I can’t say I’m dissapointed.

Yes it was pretty amazing and different while at the same time being everything I’ve seen before ever and just as clichéd as your everyday harem deredere anime. Except that we should replace harem for after-school tv shows.

‘Cause you see, I’m not sure how it was for the people that were watching this on a weekly basis but I am 98% sure that I enjoyed this episode as much as I did just because people were praising this show to the high heavens and so I expected this to be good.

Going in a show with a mentality of “this is going to be great” usually results in the show actually being great. Or you thinking that it’s great, atleast. Unless it’s really, really shit. But yeah.

Maybe it’s your own mind playing tricks on you, but if I went into this show without any prior knowledge of it I can safely say that I would have liked it a lot less, or even call it crappy.

Why? Because it’s like a very bad sitcom with weird fuckin’ animation to boot. Yeah this might actually be it’s charm, you know, the over the top-ness and camp-ness. But still.

Subjectively-Objective Reviews #21 Nagi No Asukara


I mean… everyone can only do what they can. If you try hard at something you can’t do, it only hurts in the end.” –Tsumugu Kihara.

Here is a question that’s sure to make your head hurt: How important is animation in an anime and how much does it influence your viewing pleasure? Also, how bad does it have to be to break an anime, and what exactly are the rules of amazing animation?

While watching the latest P.A Works installment, I asked myself these questions and as is expected, I couldn’t find the answer to the question “How much bullshit do we have to take just for 10 anime wallpapers a minute?

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Subjectively-Objective Reviews #20 Sakura Trick


‘Yuri’ and ‘yaoi’ are two very confusing terms when it comes to the anime community: A show can be tagged as that, but in reality there’s nothing more than subtle winks to the viewers similar to saying “These two are totally hot for eachother, but we won’t show anything explicit to not scare away any sensitive viewers and because of timeslot reasons.” Which, to me, is utter BS.

See here Yuru Yuri, A-Channel and many, many more “yuri\shoujo-ai” shows that just don’t cut the chase. And then came Sakura Trick.

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Let’s Talk Art: Spring 2014 Part 1.


If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know that I don’t do first episode first impressions, mainly because I feel that it’s stupid to give any opinion when all it has done is introduce itself. Instead I properly give it a three episode chance and I talk about it thereforward.

So, what should I do to stay active on my blog without giving away any opinion? I asked myself, and after watching the pilot episode of Haikyuu I realized that I have more than a few things to say about the animation, character designs and colours in the first part of the Winter 2014 anime season, so here goes:

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Subjectively-Objective Reviews #19 Kill la Kill


“Ryuuko-chan! Ryuuko-chan! Over here, over here! This desk is free! Suzuki used to sit here, but he was killed by the student council yesterday, so it’s free now!” –Mako Mankanshoku.

As the show itself  has kindly pointed out, Kill la Kill is an anime with a “breakneck  pace“, crazy characters, sketch-like animation and whole lotta’ hype. Stay away from it if you don’t like boobs, nudists, cliché plot and\or eyebrows whose game is just too strong.

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